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I don't know how put this into words.
I am still struggling with breakouts and acne scars. It's worst than before.
I lost my confidence. I felt insecure. I did not want to see people who I knew when I was 'better'.
I wanted to have my clear skin again.

I did many things to get back my previous skin.
But it's more than hard.

I changed my skincare.
I bought the new ones.
That 'everyone uses'.

I went to see dermatologist.
Used the medicine prescribed by the clinic.
Plus, I visited the medispa for quite some times.
and I wanted to add more sessions to get back my flawless skin.

If it's not about financial issues,
I would always go for anything just to make sure I have clear skin!
I am determined to make sure I have better skin.
But, where should I find the money???!

I have it but it's not for that.

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