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Unrequited Love

Hi again after thousand years.

To make it short. Yes, I had another unrequited love.
I kept on having this situation, where I had to love myself some more since people I wanted didn't want me the way I wished.

It always had this kind of twist.
People I liked had someone else without I knew.

People said I could have better.
But for me.
I knew that I have to be better.
I have to improve myself more than others should.

In a year, it should be at least two times of unrequited love.
So yeah, this was the first for 2017. 
There would be another one by the end of the year.

I didn't want to be pessimist.
But I didn't want to be in denial.

So let's have a better life.

Remember this one.
No matter how much interests he has on you,
but if he doesn't put ANY EFFORT, MOVE ON.

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