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I believe that everyone has their own delusions.
As for me, being delusional is like my speciality.
I could have my own imagination and mixed it up with my own reality.
I would agree if people called me DELUSIONAL.
That's me.

When I was in school, I kept on having crush to many cool seniors and batchmates.
Randomly, I did good in having crush on people.
If they did know, I would discontinue my crush.
If there's any positive respond from the crush,
I would leave him.
A crush should be a secret.
If the people we admire know about that,
it's not a secret anymore.
There's no fun at all.

I continued to like people until my university days.
Until NOW.
It's hard to have a crush at this age.
I kept on wanting some positive feedbacks from the guys.
It's hard.
Because I know that, I just want someone who I want.
It's hard to have someone who likes us, the way we like them.

And at this age, everyone is taken.
I realised that a long-time-crush did exist. I kept on …

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