Unexpected things turn beautifully, I wish

Assalamualaikum wbt.

While I was doodling in this site and my paper, a junior came to me. *Study room*
She asked, which semester I am in. 'Sem 7'.
We talked and I asked her to sit beside me. A kind and polite Chinese girl asked about my 'UK experience'. Yeah IPDA and MALAYSIA, I need people like this who do not have high expectations on us, the Tesl students BUT treat us as equal as other people. And with GOOD MANNERS.

She told a beautiful story of her friend. A story that I have dreamed of, for my life. Furthered studies in South Korea, becomes a lecturer in Korea's university and have a Korean boyfriend. HAHA sounds ridiculous for me the last part, but the entire story was a picture of my imagination for my career. The cutest part of the conversation, she told me to try what her friend did. HAHA. 'Dik, your friend is a Korea's university graduated. It's the difference.' But I won't lose hope and never give up. Let's pray and try, who knows it will work. Let's wait and see. I don't know what will happen next. Just go with the flow and grab chances. 

These are the unexpected things turn beautifully, I wish. 

I can expect many things but to make it happens, surely needs efforts and prayers. Well, fighting Nisa. The dream of yours, for seven years. 


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