Oh Here


It was a great 2013. Many things happened. Expected and unexpected things.
2013, a year of BACK FOR GOOD. Like a dream, I didn't believe that three years finished by that 'short' period. It's not short, but it's fast and quick. 

Now, the year-end break finished, I have to be back in this place, again. IPDA.
A place that I learned new things and the place that I met these important people in my life. A base of my starting point of UK's life.
I just don't fancy the place, but the memories and the people themselves, taught me how to be grateful and treasure what I had. I just really love these two things. 

I thought 2013 won't give me any surprise. I was wrong. I did have surprised. 
the 28th Dec. I just didn't plan or want something like that to happen.
But, who knows better than Him? 

Let's go with the flow. If it happens, it's meant to happen. So, treasure everything. Even single little things.

Lastly, before I forgot.


May 2014, bring more happiness and bless to all of us.


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