Aish pasti rasa nak leku kepala aku, sebab lupa nak charge tab!
yeah, I was immersed doing my 'works' ahaks! 
And now, just updating this blog.
I have so many things in my head, I plan many things. Many.
But, I had some obstacles to make the followup and continue my plan.

maybe after the next time, next update I might be doing something regarding my plan?
I just pray everything just go with the flow as long as it is bring happiness, I would be blessed. 

See you next time.
yang pasti cuti akhir tahun dah nak habis. 
And Im here in Umi's office. 
Got the celcom's line here! T.T

A cikgu being a cikgu.
My writing is not because Im going to be a teacher.
But it's because I love writing.
And telling because I just love sharing.

Okay, bye!


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