I had tremendous breakdowns in the past few weeks.
May be sebab praktikum dan banyak benda nak kena buat,
then banyak benda yang unrelated berlaku masa tu jugak.
Which was quite unfortunate for me.
Since I could not handle too much things at one time.

Actually, it would be better if I know how to make things right
But, I couldn't and I had to let many things go
Just to prioritise things.
And for now, my priority is my practicum.
A hard thing for me as I lack in experience, in knowledge,
in many other things.

What do you expect from a pre-novice teacher?
A teacher-to-be to do?
Nothing. For me.
I am learning many things.
Though I just came back from United Kingdom,
it doesn't mean I know everything.
That was kind of experience that I gained when I was there
It was totally different.

Perhaps I have to learn many new things in a short period,
I couldn't manage my emotions.
I couldn't control my physical
I couldn't handle my mental (?)

I had emotional breakdown
physical breakdown (Yes! I lost some kilos after a month of practicum, but I gained some after a week of intervention week) CHEESE
I had mental breakdown (stress maybe?)

This breakdown and that breakdown.
I shouldn't be stressed out of what I did.
I should enjoy every seconds of what I did.
Draw your dreams, Nisa.
Enjoy your life.
Make your life, part of your beautiful dreams. 

ps. TBH, I tibatiba tawaq hati when we talk about like and feeling. (Even for JYH) 
To whom it may concern, thanks for coming and leaving my beautiful life. 


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