He Knows Better

"I hate commitment,
 but when I do I am serious about it.
At this age, 
I don't want to get into silly and wasteful relationship. 
I have to make things clear, 
since it involves my family, 
I have to make things right."

The unexpected thing on 28th December 2013, finally came to the end. 
I didn't expect it to start and I didn't know it would last this fast.
Everything happened very quick, 
I had my practicum.
I finished my first phase of the practicum.

When I was busy preparing materials for the last observation of the first phase, I didn't know it would be my last day with the 'fairy-tale-I-thought'.

Well, He knows best.
I might not ready just yet.
I was too busy to care.
I had too much things to handle.

Then, there was another silly story that I didn't know would make me paranoid.
There was a stranger, who appeared and claimed as friends. 
After got what he wanted from another stranger,
accused me of liking him. Please, stranger, 
Wake up!

I was too busy thinking of my practicum and the observations, 
as well as my not-happened-fairy-tale-I-thought.
Unfortunately, both happened at the same period. 

Supergirl I was, for handling those stupid conflicts. 
It made me grew.
I thought and realised all those beautiful lies. 

ps. I could live as single and available for my 23 years. Why not now?


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