Students' Journal

Teacher is indeed our closest role model.

Have you ever imagined to just copycat what someone did because you love his/her's doings?
I have. 

My supercool English teacher, 
she asked us to write anything in a journal and submitted it every week. 
I loved doing that writing because the teacher replied and responded to most of my conflicts, 
even your actions and wrongdoings.

And now I am doing what she told me to do before.
My students write anything they wanted to tell me.




They wrote anything. Anything.
I was happily replied their writings. 
Then, I was really tired of the same issues, all over again.

Love, relationships, conflicts affairs and etc.
Everything is related.

After told about them, they asked about me.
I have no offense about that,
but obviously I won't tell them anything about that.

Professionalism comes first.

Then, I realised. My teacher must had hard time read all of my writings. 
Since I was the same like most of my students.

Yeah. What goes around comes around.


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